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  • ISO 9001 Services


    We have implemented successful and streamlined ISO systems, both for ISO 9001:1994 and for ISO 9001.  Based on our experience, we can:

    • Help you create an ISO compliant system from your existing routines.
    • Review you current ISO structure and suggest improvements to improve your system and yet cut costs.

    Continuous Improvement Implementing ISO 9001 is not a one-time benefit to your company. ISO 9001 actually provides you with tools (and the requirement) to continuously improve yourselves. This is a very important aspect because companies that don’t continue to improve are soon overtaken by the competition.  

    ISO 9000 Clause ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9003
    4.1     Management Responsibility
    4.2     Quality System
    4.3     Contract Review
    4.4     Design Control
    4.5     Document and Data Control
    4.6     Purchasing
    4.7     Control of Customer-Supplied Product
    4.8     Product Identification and Traceability
    4.9     Process Control
    4.10    Inspection and Testing
    4.11    Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
    4.12    Inspection and Test Status
    4.13    Control of Nonconforming Product
    4.14    Corrective and Preventive Action
    4.15    Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery
    4.16    Control of Quality Records
    4.17    Internal Quality Audits
    4.18    Training
    4.19    Servicing
    4.20    Statistical Techniques

     Comprehensive requirement
     Less comprehensive requirement than 9001 and 9002

    SPG Inc. 

    ISO-9001 HOME PAGE 

    • To Quality Manual
    • To Quality Objective Results
    • To External Document List, Procedures, Organization Chart and Quality Policy (Stand Alone)
    • To Forms, Checklists and Work Instructions
    • To Contracts and Pricing
    • ECO Public Access
    • CAR/PAR Public Access
    • RMA Public Access
    • Standard

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    ISO 9001 Services