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    Special Projects Group Inc. is a leading local provider of embedded systems development services in Massachusetts. Combining creativity and technical expertise, SPG Inc. offers state-of-the-art embedded solutions for various industries. We use both cutting-edge and mature technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable and economical software and hardware solutions.

    SPG Inc. provides software development, migration and integration services for embedded software, hardware and software selection consulting, testing and quality assurance services. Our ability to choose the appropriate software architecture, microprocessor and operating system, allows for cost effective and timely system development. .

    Our experience includes:

    • Wind River VxWorks, Linux
    • PowerQUICC ™ III - I, PowerPC ®, ARM, 32-bit MCU/DSP, 8-bit RISC Micro Controllers
    • Telephony Telecommunications device drivers and applications
    • ZigBee® IEEE® 802.15.4 Development
    • High Level Languages - C, C++, Java, Visual Basic

    Let us assist you in rapid system deployment.

    SPG is a Freescale Semiconductor Design Alliance member.



    Check us out on the Freescale Allinace Page 



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